As a relational network, GNE desires to gain quality new members and uses a fast-track application for the candidate when they go through the nomination process with an existing leader.

The Nomination criteria are as follows:

  • Vibrant walk with the Lord and active membership of an evangelical church
  • Exemplary character, respected by peers and the community at large
  • A broad sphere of influence for the Lord and a desire to network
  • Experience in evangelism and/or global ministry
  • A holistic balanced approach to work and faith
  • A kingdom mindset of collaborative ministry
  • Affirmation of The Lausanne Covenant.  


United States
United States

Please note, this form is to be used by existing GNE members to nominate an evangelist they know well for membership to the Global Network of Evangelists.

If you are NOT a member recommending someone else and are looking to become a member of GNE yourself, please complete this form instead.


Consider these categories when answering the following questions

  • Biblical/Spiritual Integrity
  • Family /Personal integrity
  • Financial integrity -
  • Community reputation/integrity
  • Passion for Evangelism

In light of Luis Palau’s vision to raise up the next generation of evangelists, to identify, affirm, equip, and mobilize evangelists worldwide to fulfill the Great Commission:

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell, nor will we give away our membership list. We strive to be responsible in our management, truthful in our advertising, and cost-effective in our fundraising.
Our registrations are processed through a third-party supplier and all data, including personal and financial information, is secured by their systems. 
If you have any questions about the security of your personal information or how it is used, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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